…is it really the hardest?

Taking the first step on any journey is viewed as being the hardest. But is it really?

Yesterday I decided that I would build a website as a record of my journey to investigate the Stoic Philosophy.

My Aim

The aim is not to make money from the project (although that would be nice) but through the process of compiling this resource I will:

  • learn the philosophy in great detail
  • apply some of it to my life
  • use the project as a platform for and journey to growth and motivation in my life
  • help at least one person to find the key which unlocks the benefits of Stoicism for them & their life

My Plan

To read / watch / listen widely (initially to web-based content) and record the details of the content as I find it so that others making a similar journey can possibly benefit from my research.

The detail

To record and present the following information:

  • The stoic philosophy
  • People
    • creators / foundational individuals
    • proponents / adherents
    • commentators
    • critics
  • History
  • Publications
  • Relationships to other philosophies / religions / movements
  • Resources / Products / Services / Events available

The timescale

Start now, fitting it in around work and life.

Finish when the motivation to continue ceases, or the ability – whichever comes sooner.


So, what was the first step and was it hard?

The first step was identifying the fact that life has little clear purpose for me beyond just being! As a husband and father I have done ok – but by no means great!┬áIt took decades to come to that realisation.

Identifying the investigation of Stoicism as something to call a purpose has come about in a matter of days. Deciding to build a website as the method of recording the journey took hours. Creating the website took minutes – I already owned the domain and building websites is what I do!

So, yes – the first step was hard on this journey at least. If I strike it lucky maybe one person may find it easier as a result of me documenting the process I go through.


Only the educated are free.