…a good step forward.

Before this week started I had an epiphany – I was the cause of my own increasing stress levels. And, my approach to Stoicism was a significant negative factor.

I decided to change few basic things and then review how things stood after 1 week. That’s now!

A thinking being!

I journalled every day. Not much but some notes each day and a couple of days of identifying a few key areas to focus on.

For my biggest step forward I need to thank a Youtube video by Tim Ferriss (How to Apply Stoic Philosophy to Your Life) – who pointed out the blindingly obvious at just the time when I needed to hear it. To paraphrase Tim’s comment – “you are a thinking being – take the bits that work for you”.

I know this and, that was the original plan. But, somehow it had been forgotten.

So, not aiming to be a Stoic…

So, for now at least I have revisited my aims regarding Stoicism and will sum up the current ‘plan’ as:

  • I am not trying to be a Stoic
  • I want to learn about the philosophy (and other philosophies) and put to use those elements which fit with me, my life style & stage of life.
  • There is no failure with Stoicism (for me) – only opportunity for self-improvement.
  • Whatever system I use, and it will change and develop over time, the purpose is that it should be an ‘inner compass’ or (again to quote Tim Ferriss) a ‘Personal Operating System’. This will guide every action and reaction and help me to know which direction to travel without worrying about the reaching of an end destination.

For the next week…

So, to summarise

This week was a considerable improvement on the previous couple of weeks – my reactions to negative events were better managed and overall stress levels I caused myself by my reactions were actually pretty low. I also, despite intentions to the contrary, found the time and motivation to read more about Stoicism and continued the learning in a low stress fashion.

I have a short/medium term plan which I will run with for a few more weeks before deciding if serious changes are required.

All is good in the world and the inner voice which causes much stress is obeying the request to Be Silent!



Silence is a lesson learned through life’s many sufferings