…a quiet mind

I wrote another journal entry yesterday before heading for a shower. In the shower I realised that I have been causing an increase in my stress levels for the last week or so. And, more importantly I realised how and how to stop it.

Stoic journey causing stress?

My Stoic journey began very recently. And I have simply added the expectation that I will learn about Stoicism and implement some of the techniques onto everything else which normally goes on day-to-day.

To fit everything in I have doubled up on some things. So, for example, while exercising I have ‘listened’ to some Youtube videos about Stoicism.

One track man…

Ask anyone who knows me well (or even not so well) and they will tell you I am a one-track-man. I can walk and talk at the same time – but that is the extent of my multitasking ability. My wife might even argue that I can do them both together effectively.

Doubling up and trying to fit more in to life won’t work for me unless something else changes.

So, the solution, for me

The Stoic exercises I am going to focus on will be aimed at achieving a quiet mind. Stillness. Silence. Peace.

I will continue to do the physical exercises but while doing them I will focus on them alone. It will become one of the exercises to achieve a quiet mind.

I will use some of the techniques listed by Ryan Holiday on Tim Ferriss’s blog – https://tim.blog/2019/09/26/stillness-is-the-key-ryan-holiday/

Make haste slowly

Whenever someone starts something new; a job, a new sport, a new relationship, a new philosophical approach to life, the tendancy appears to be to rush at things – to make progress as quickly as possible. That was me for the last 10 days. I wanted to learn as much as possible and make massive changes based on what I had learnt. Great in theory, but not achievable for me.

Now, my plan for the next week is to accept that I am not going to learn much more about Stoicism (in the next 7 days) but I am going to focus on putting the little I have learnt to good use.

After the week is done I will review how to proceed for the next period.

To that end I will continue with the daily journalling but not posting each day on this website. At most I will aim for 2 or 3 posts over the week and treat it as a succes if there are none or only one!

Marcus Aurelius

Nowhere can man find a quieter or more untroubled retreat than in his own soul.