…when logic tells you it is too soon to benefit but hope argues

Less than a week into my Stoic journey and I hit a problem. Not a new problem but one which recurs occasionally.

It is a family matter which would probably be readily resolved if I were up and running as a Stoic. I find myself torn because I would like to use Stoic thinking to address the issue but I don’t have enough knowledge to begin.

I do know that the old thinking styles haven’t resolved the issue for me in the past. And I can’t currently get beyond the problem that Stoic philosophy would be very useful.

So, in my good old fashioned approach, I will largely ignore the problem for a while hoping that the solution will come to me quickly as I progress along the Stoic road. Tomorrow, I will look back on this as past and not beat myself up over it but hope to find a solution in the near future.


Be deaf to those who love you most of all; they pray for bad things with good intentions.