…as it happens, increases focus

After completing yesterday’s blog post I started a journal – pen & paper variety.

I work on a computer and spend a fair amount of non-work time on screen too. So, it was a major throwback to use pen & paper for more than a post-it note!

It wasn’t pretty, I spent no time on formating. I just wrote about half a page (A4) of bullet points.

No big deal, except…

During the day today I found myself comparing the day and my attitude and approach to things with the journal I wrote yesterday. I also found myself thinking of things I could put in tonight’s journal entry.

Serious progress even if only at a very minor level.

Memory problem

Only downside to the process is that while I know I came up with at least 4 things to record in tonight’s entry – I can’t actually remember what they were. Oops.

Tips & tricks

Probably unfair to say I am looking for tips & tricks because that diminishes the concept. I watched a few videos which recommended exercises that someone beginning on the Stoic journey could concentrate on.

Tomorrow I will do the same and then pick the ones I will work with for a while.


Don’t explain your philosophy. Embody it.